Congratulations to those cast in
To Gillian, on Her 37th Birthday

Simon Adkins
Amanda Cash
David Colatosti
Miriam Frazier
Anna Holland
Deena Sasser
Mary Simmons
Tatiana Durant, Rachel Kent, Juli Kent - understudies

Showtimers productions are presented completely by volunteers. Acting is only one part (albeit the most visible one!) of a show. There are many people involved in a production, from costumers to lighting designers, set carpenters to backstage running crews.

If you are interested in participating in a production through one of these support areas, or by ushering for a performance, please email to


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Auditionees should prepare 16 bars of a vocal selection that demonstrates their range and wear clothing and shoes in which they feel comfortable dancing. No flip flops

Casting Roles BreakoutIn Brief:8-11 Men, ages 22-50+(3-5 good dancers, 3 strong leads,

MEN:3 -- Age Range 22-40 (Emcee, Clifford, Ernst). Emcee strong singer, dancer.Cliff & Ernstone big song each, then backing vocals.

MEN: 2 to 4 -- Dancer Singers(skill not age)—The Cabaret Boys (Bobby, Victor) (w/Hans & Hermann possible).Will also double as sailors, party guests, etc., back up vocals.

MAN:1 --Age 50 (plus)--Herr Schultz.Tenor. Supporting role.

MEN:--2 to 3 Non-Singing roles. Age open. Max (Kit Kat Klub) & German Soldiers, Customs officers, other extras.

WOMEN: 2-- Age Range 20-30Sally Bowles (strong soprano & actress). Fraulein Kost(strong comedic actress, alto/mezzo).

WOMEN4 to 6--Dancer Singers(skill not age) The Cabaret Girls. (Rosie, Frenchie, Texas & Helga). (w/Fritzie & Lulu possible). Numerous dances, some featured, and double as party guests.

WOMAN1Age 50 (plus) --Fraulein Schneider (large role, dramatic & comedic; alto –several songs.

2/3 men non-singers),

In Brief.9 Women, ages 20-50+ (4-6 good dancers, 3 strong leads)