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Boott Cotton Mills, Lowell, Massachusetts

October 1 - 12
 Wednesdays - Saturdays 8 pm
Sundays 2 pm

Adults $ 12
Age 18 & under $ 5

 The Light in the Mill


D.K. Oklahoma

In the mid-1800's, in Lowell, Massachusetts,
the Boott Cotton Mill is a main source of
employment for many residents. Starting at
an early age, girls learn weaving and repair.
When one of the young workers is found
drowned in the nearby canal and unusual
things begin happening in the mill, some of the
girls are convinced Magda has returned to
haunt them.
Has she?
What secrets does the
mill hold?
What secrets are the employees keeping?

This suspense story will keep you guessing!

 Directed by Sharon Mullen


 Alexis Hartman
Kira Frongillo
Heather Sexton
Kailee Weiman
Bob Toven
Josie Weigandt
RJ Ragland
Nancy Lawrence


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